Bringing the world to the classroom and the classroom to life.

We are glad the way National Geographic Learning is helping this year our Mannoni students in English and Science with their environmental books, content and media tools for learners and teachers. World content, readings, and photos in every level means your students will gain even more real world exposure and cross curricular knowledge than before.National Geographic Learning worked hard to make sure Our World’s second edition brings even more of the world into your classroom. Improved grammar charts, and updated and additional grammar activities, help you strengthen your students’ grammar understanding and make it easier to teach and practice grammar functions while still teaching the grammar in context.

The value and mission lessons are even more beautiful and relevant than before, and even easier to integrate into your lessons. With revised activities and lesson planner support. Units and lessons now have a little extra on-page guidance to help make it easier to keep track of where you are and plan your lessons. Our World’s second edition’s online practice is completely new with new and improved games for practice and comprehension, workbook activities for exams and assessment preparation and a brand new learning management system, with teacher resources, class management functionality, progress reports, assignment creation tools, and messaging features.

Click the link to check it out!:

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